Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

In the current context of change and of global competition, Nicsa believes that an innovative business is a necessary and effective tool for progress towards a sustainable development society. To do so, our everyday performance incorporates values of corporate social responsibility that are seamlessly integrated into our business strategy, culture, and organization. We try to contribute to the improvement of the surrounding area, not only in terms of the economy, but also social factors and the environment and, therefore, in the interests of the people.

Nicsa, as a part of Abengoa, participates in Abengoa’s adherence to the UN Global Compact’s Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership, whose goal is to contribute to the adoption of shared values and principles of stewardship for the human and natural environment.
This commitment to social and human advancement contributes to the preservation of the environment and constitutes one of the essential pillars that supports Abengoa’s Corporate Social Responsibility, and by extension, that of Nicsa

The honesty, integrity, and good judgment of its employees, executive directors, and board members are the foundation for the company’s reputation and success. We carry out social action policies of a non-profit and general interest nature through the Focus-Abengoa Foundation. These policies are focused on tasks within the areas of welfare, education, culture, science and research, and technological development. Created in 1982, the Foundation’s mission is to carry out Abengoa’s social action, operating as a not-for-profit organization with a general interest purpose. It is focused on work in the areas of aid and assistance, education, culture, science and research and technological development, paying special attention to persons with disabilities. The Focus-Abengoa Foundation has become a valuable instrument within the company that strongly projects from its base at the Hospital de los Venerables de Sevilla, an authentic cultural symbol.

Fundación Focus

Nicsa undertakes all its activities according to a code of professional conduct, which it strictly applies. In order to carry out our business with the highest integrity and respect toward those that could be affected by the activities of Negocios Industriales y Comerciales, S.A (Nicsa), we require our suppliers and subcontractors to comply with this same code. With it, we can ensure the highest level of transparency in our operations and in those of stakeholders, with the commitment to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers.