Suppliers – GHG

Nicsa, in line with its commitment to the environment, has implemented a greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) inventory to account for the emissions resulting from its daily activities.

For this reason, Nicsa requires all its suppliers to cooperate and be committed to the process, reporting the emissions associated with the products and services they provide to Nicsa.

With this measure, Nicsa hopes to achieve a truthful and reliable control over the tons of CO2 emitted throughout a product’s lifecycle, involving its suppliers in the struggle against climate change.

The purpose of this new project is threefold:

1. to provide in-depth knowledge about GHG emissions, both direct and indirect, from every Nicsa activity to assess its situation and identify options for improvement.

2. to label Nicsa products and services, identifying the GHG emissions associated with the production of each one.

3. to assess suppliers in terms of quality, truthfulness and traceability of GHG emissions associated with the development of products and services provided.

In this section, you can find guidelines (available in Spanish and English) and an explanation on how to complete the GHG emission form. Furthermore, you can download the GHG emissions form for the type of work performed for Nicsa (supplier, service company or subcontractor). These appendices are also available in English.


GHG emission data forms: