Occupational health and safety

Nicsa provides its services within the Abengoa industrial engineering and construction business group.

Nicsa integrates occupational hazard prevention in all its activities, complying with the requirements that are established in the OHSAS 18001:2007 directive and the applicable occupational health and safety regulations. The company’s policy on this matter is based on the following principles:

1. Risk assessment and management
Nicsa shall identify, evaluate and prioritize risks associated with all work activities and workplaces, in offices, warehouses, or onsite at a customer’s installations.

2. Training
Nicsa shall ensure the competence and responsibility of the workers at all levels by educating, training and creating awareness about all aspects of occupational health and safety.

3. Information, advice and participation
Nicsa shall keep its personnel informed and shall consult them with regards to occupational health and safety through the methods implemented in the company. Participation and active commitment in the implemented system is considered an essential instrument for the system’s continuous improvement.

4. Applicable laws and other standards
Nicsa is committed to complying with the legal provisions and other requirements that are applicable with regards to occupational health and safety.

5. Integration and continuous improvement
Nicsa shall establish, implement and maintain the efficiency of the actions developed in accordance with the preventive activity plan (PAP) and the proposed goals and objectives through revisions carried out by management with the help of prevention committees and audits (both internal and external) in order to attain the continuous improvement pursued by its occupational health and safety system. Nicsa undertakes to prevent injuries and impairment of its workers’ health.