Quality and environmental policy

Nicsa focuses its business activities toward striving for excellence via efficient and effective management that, within a framework of contribution toward sustainable development, enables us to reach the specific objectives of our management system with respect to:

· Leadership in the international market.
· Quality of our products and services, ensuring customer satisfaction.
· Creation of value for shareholders, employees, suppliers, institutions and other stakeholders.
· Respect for the rights of citizens in terms of health, safety and a healthy environment.

This approach is based on the following principles:

· Complying with the legislative provisions and regulations in force and other requirements that may be applicable to the products, activities and/or services produced or performed.

· Integrating a management system that focuses on processes that, through regular reviews, prompt continuous improvement as part of corporate strategy.

· Planning human and material resources through plans and/or programs that materialize in objectives and goals, integrating suppliers on the bases of collaboration and shared interest.

· Encouraging active and responsible involvement of all employees by providing adequate training that facilitates their performance and fosters participation, thus promoting the recognition of achievements.

· Establishing effective channels of communication and participation with stakeholders to determine their needs and expectations. This enables us to foster stable and long-lasting relationships, especially with our customers. Securing minimum cost for customers and Nicsa, continuously improving the features and reliability of our products and services.

· Promoting teamwork and sharing information, which is vital for improving the level of quality of our activities and products.

· Preventing harmful or negative environmental repercussions by optimizing the use of energy resources and raw materials.

These policies are available to employees, customers and other stakeholders.