Nicsa participates in Expoeléctrica, the most important international Trade Fair of the Electricity Industry in Mexico

In June 2012, through Nicsa México, its Mexican subsidiary, Nicsa participated in the most important International Trade Fair of the Electricity and Lighting Industry held in Latin American over the last 13 years. This sixteenth edition brought together the leaders of the sector who introduced the latest in innovative technologies and the Fair itself received more than 30,000 visitors from 17 countries.
Participating for the first time as exhibitor with its own stand, Nicsa México successfully managed to attain its business objective promoting two new distributors from Spanish manufacturers agreed upon for Mexico. They are as follows: Cable trays, in all versions, manufactured by Basor, and Junction boxes certified by Nema 4X and manufactured by AEI.
Given the huge number of visitors interested both in the new items exhibited at the stand as well as in the rest of the catalogue of products and services that Nicsa offers in Mexico, the company, already consolidated in the industrial sector, has now boosted its entry into the country’s business sector, while at the same time promoting its integration.

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